Package Includes:

1 x Dedicated Privates Shaver
7 x Intimate shaving stencils and handle

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Package Includes:

1 x Dedicated Privates Shaver
7 x Intimate shaving stencil and handle

1、This bikini trimmer safely and comfortably shaves, trims and holds sensitive bikini areas. A sharp hypoallergenic bikini razor blade designed for sensitive skin.
2、Pubic hair razor, for tight and comfortable arm shaving, leg shaving, underarm shaving and bikini line and pubic hair trimming, underarm, body, face Shaving.
3、Safety razor kit for easy carrying and use. Made from food grade silicone, contact with the skin does not cause allergies and other skin problems, use a razor kit, simply shave and shape. Become a confident and sexy woman.
4、Adding fun to life, improving sexuality and improving the quality of sexual life. Sexy, stimulating partner sexual desire, touch better, enhance life passion and improve self-confidence. Become a more confident woman.
5、The personal razor can be easily trimmed as close to the skin as possible while avoiding irritation and shaving with a female razor trim head. The beveled waterproof bikini trimmer head also helps to cut and remove excess hair more easily.

Benefits of shaving pubic area female – Is it good for a woman?

Our grandmas would have not even imagined discussing the hair down there, but thanks to the media and internet we girls are here researching, debating, and exploring our options on how to groom that little bush.

We have so many questions to enquire?

Does the pubic hair have any purpose?

Are there any health benefits associated with them?

Can we really fully shave them? Would there be any side effects after shaving them?

Here we will try to understand what is pubic hair and the pros & cons of shaving it.

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ඔබට අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා ඇනවුම් කිරීමට නොදන්නේනම්, පහත සදහන් උපදෙස් පිළිපදින්න.

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– ඔබගේ/ලැබිය යුත්තාගේ නම
– භාණ්ඩ එවිය යුතු ලිපිනය (පැහැදිලිව)
– ජංගම දුරකථන අංකය
– විද්‍යුත් ලිපිනය (අනිවාර්ය නැත)

ඔබගේ ඇනවුම් දවසේ ඕනෑම වෙලාවක අපවෙත යොමුකලහැක.

ඇනවුම එවීමට පෙර බෙදාහැරීමේ ගාස්තු ඇතුළුව ගෙවියයුතු මුළු මුදල ඔබට දැනුම්දී ඔබගේ එකඟතාවය ලබාගනු ඇත. මේ අකාරයෙන් ලබාදෙන ඇනවුම් සදහා පැකේජය ගෙනවිත් දුන් පසු ගෙන එන්නා වෙත ගෙවීම් කල හැක.

අපි දිවයින පුරා බෙදාහරින්නෙමු.

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