50 random styled sheets of water transfer nail art stickers

Each nail art stickers sheet carry 5 pairs

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50 random styled sheets of water transfer nail art stickers

Each nail art stickers sheet carry 5 pairs

Benefits of Nail art

As if you needed persuading, here are a few reasons to get into nail art – you can’t even count them on all your painted fingers and toes!

1. A creative outlet

All too often I hear people complaining about not having a hobby or not having enough opportunities to utilize their creativity.

I recently came across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which outlines a human being’s five main requirements.

What I find so interesting is that creativity is at the top – although it may be the least essential for our survival, it seems to be the final contributing factor to that sense that we have all our ducks in a row. I guess that’s what nail art is for me – a reminder that all my other needs are fulfilled.

I find it amazing to read through each level and I feel so grateful to God when I realize how much I actually have.

2. Alone time for introverts

This one might not be relevant for everyone but I still think that most people appreciate some alone time. I absolutely love it and having painted nails is proof to myself that I have had time to myself each week.

3. It keeps you young

Research shows that when we stimulate our creativity we actually produce new brain cells which would otherwise deteriorate with age. Frank Herbert wrote that ‘creativity keeps the creator alive’ so for a long life, get painting your nails! I’ve also found that while seeking out inspiration for new designs each week my mind remains active, constantly learning and more in tune with what’s going on culturally. Read more

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