1 x Dedicated Privates Shaver
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1 x Dedicated Privates Shaver
1 x LINE Bikini Shaping Stencil with handle

Benefits of shaving pubic area female – Is it good for a woman?

 Our grandmas would have not even imagined discussing the hair down there, but thanks to the media and internet we girls are here researching, debating, and exploring our options on how to groom that little bush.

We have so many questions to enquire?

Does the pubic hair have any purpose?

Are there any health benefits associated with them?

Can we really fully shave them? Would there be any side effects after shaving them?

Here we will try to understand what is pubic hair and the pros & cons of shaving it.

1. Difference between female pubic hair and body hair?

Before we see the difference between the hair in the genital areas to that of the hair in other visible areas of the body, one should know that three main types of hair grow on all human beings.

First is the Lanugo hair, the hair grown on fetus, which are lost once the baby is born.

Second is the Vellus hair, the thin, short, and light hair, which covers almost the complete human body except for some areas like the back of the ears, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, etc.

The third is the Terminal hair or the Androgenic hair, long and thicker hair, which during puberty replaces vellus hair in certain areas of the body like arms, armpits, legs, pubic, facial hair, etc.

The length, color, and thickness of terminal hair vary from person to person depending on the hair growth rate and genes.

2. Pros and cons of shaving female pubic hair:

If you think pubic hair is just a thick bush of wiry hair that is present for no reason, then you are wrong! First of all, these hairs mark the sign of puberty and also acts as a protective shield of the vagina.

Following are some of the pros and cons of clean shaving the female pubic hair; Read more

ඔබට අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා ඇනවුම් කිරීමට නොදන්නේනම්, පහත සදහන් උපදෙස් පිළිපදින්න.

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– ඔබගේ/ලැබිය යුත්තාගේ නම
– භාණ්ඩ එවිය යුතු ලිපිනය (පැහැදිලිව)
– ජංගම දුරකථන අංකය
– විද්‍යුත් ලිපිනය (අනිවාර්ය නැත)

ඔබගේ ඇනවුම් දවසේ ඕනෑම වෙලාවක අපවෙත යොමුකලහැක.

ඇනවුම එවීමට පෙර බෙදාහැරීමේ ගාස්තු ඇතුළුව ගෙවියයුතු මුළු මුදල ඔබට දැනුම්දී ඔබගේ එකඟතාවය ලබාගනු ඇත. මේ අකාරයෙන් ලබාදෙන ඇනවුම් සදහා පැකේජය ගෙනවිත් දුන් පසු ගෙන එන්නා වෙත ගෙවීම් කල හැක.

අපි දිවයින පුරා බෙදාහරින්නෙමු.

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