Kinky, hot, blue and black bodysuit


One size fits M’ <-to-> L’ <-to-> XL’ range

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Kinky, hot, blue and black bodysuit


One size fits M’ <-to-> L’ <-to-> XL’ range

Sexy lingerie and nightdresses can spice up your marriage or relationship in the following ways.

  • Keeps the passion alive – You would certainly want to keep the passion blazing without allowing it to die down. One sure way of doing that is surprising your hubby with some seductive lingerie every once in a while. From delicate to erotic, try a lacy lingerie set or a seductive nightdress, it will be a definite turn on. Make your self feel incredibly sexy and feminine by trying out something new every now and then.
  • Making you feel young and sexy – Seductive lingerie makes you feel good about your self and also builds intimacy. Wearing a set of provocative lingerie will remind you that you are still sensual, enviable, and can make your partner crave for your sexy body. Pick something in his favorite color to add further spice. You can definitely say a lot without saying anything by wearing his favorite colors. This will definitely turn him on and make you feel super sexy
  • Ignites fantasies – What kind of fantasies do you think you’d be able to ignite in shabby old innerwear? You’ll probably turn him off. Get yourself some sexy lingerie and help him indulge in a few fantasies that even you find enjoyable. You would love to see that mischievous gleam in your partner’s eyes, seeing you wearing an inviting nightdress or a hot lingerie set
  • A new marriage ice breaker – Specially in Sri Lankan context with many arranged marriages , it particularly important to carefully pick lingerie for new marriages. Remember, first impression matters! A set of spicy lingerie can definitely contribute towards a good start in a relationship. He’ll definitely realize how lucky he is to have you as his hot and sexy partner.
  • Enhances your appearance – Sexy lingerie and nightdresses not only make you more desirable in bed but also enhance your overall appearance as you dress up in different outfits. Be it thongs, nightdresses or push-up bras, pick something that you love and believe will make you the DIVA he would fantasize. More

ඔබට අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා ඇනවුම් කිරීමට නොදන්නේනම්, පහත සදහන් උපදෙස් පිළිපදින්න.

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ඇනවුම එවීමට පෙර බෙදාහැරීමේ ගාස්තු ඇතුළුව ගෙවියයුතු මුළු මුදල ඔබට දැනුම්දී ඔබගේ එකඟතාවය ලබාගනු ඇත. මේ අකාරයෙන් ලබාදෙන ඇනවුම් සදහා පැකේජය ගෙනවිත් දුන් පසු ගෙන එන්නා වෙත ගෙවීම් කල හැක.

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