No more uneasiness, embarrassment due to underarm sweat. These armpit pads are your ultimate solution! They are extremely lightweight, have a strong absorption layer and are invisible to the eye. They are suitable for all skin types, men, women and children. The pad can be trimmed by scissors to fit your size. All the pads are individually wrapped to give you the greatest convenience when travelling and are extremely portable.

Knowing these pads can give you an assurance that no more embarrassing underarm wetness to be seen, surely it can increase your self confidence in appearance. With the armpit pads in hands, you can now say goodbye to wet patches and smelly odors!

  • Light weight; Portable & Hygienic
  • Protects your favorite cloths from underarm stains
  • Strong self adhesive to the clothes, not to your skin
  • Tackle excessive perspiration problem and minimize odors
  • Amazing absorption. Keep you stay cool and dry all day
  • Can be cut to fit your size
  • Suitable for all skin types, men, women and children

How to use

  • Remove the adhesive sheet on both the narrow and broad sides of the pad
  • Insert the pad inside your cloth and paste the narrow rectangular side on to the outer sleeve and the rounded side to the inner side of the sleeve joint.
  • Make sure you press and even out any frills.
  • Remove pad after use.

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